So I just noticed that I haven't made a post over here in... a while. I know everyone on facebook is up to speed but I figure I'll post here too with the recent stuff.

Maya and I moved to Seattle. We're pretty much settled at this point, and there's just a little bit of unpacking to do here and there.
Maya's already started training at a store here, and I'm on the job hunt again. Prospects are good though, and if nothing else I did an interview with a temp agency today that went well. They were impressed by my skills and helped me fix my resume so it looks a little cleaner than it did before. I've still got a bunch of places I'm looking to apply at, and I have another interview tomorrow morning, though it's for a call center.

We went to Canada last Friday, which was pretty awesome. We had some lovely yakiniku and went to the local book off. I found Kingdom Hearts I & II in Japanese for less than $20 total. Kind of excited about that. We plan on making that a fairly regular trip because it was just too fun.

We have a crazy amazing couch that is super awesome and comfy, though has been a slight issue what with Washington apparently not believing in A/C and it being micro suede. But we got some fans and so that's working itself out as well.

I want to not have to do that drive for a long time. I drove here and back to Colorado end the beginning of July, then drove out here again at the beginning of August, then flew back and drove out again with my car and Maya a week later. Bleh on driving that far.

I'm currently debating what game to pick up. I'm thinking I might finally pick up FFVII so that I can play Crisis Core afterward. But I also have a hankering for some Persona (and I now own and have not played P1 and P3), not to mention any of the other Shin Megami Tensei games I have. And I want to finish Dragon Age, or the Harry Potter series.
And it's only a month before Halo Reach comes out. We were bad and preordered the super awesome Reach Special edition 360. With the Halo noises. >.> What? I'm gonna sell my other one back to Game Stop.

Anyway, time to veg a little I think.
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My job.

And how it sucks.

So today I went into work, and was pulled aside by my new supervisor that I was at seven occurrences. Getting seven occurrences of course means that I am to be fired. He told me he was going to give me a final warning and that I was at my last chance.

... This would have been fine except I had no idea what he was talking about. As far as I was aware my schedule was that I worked 2:15 to 10:00 Wednesday through Sunday. I was told that I now had two no call no shows from this last Monday and Tuesday.
Which I am not supposed to work during. I was also told I had many tardies. (five, to be exact)
It should be mentioned that a few weeks ago, we had a bid for people who want different shifts. I put in a bid saying that I wanted to work Sunday through Thursday because I wanted to have Friday and Saturday off.

No one decided it was important to tell me that I had /gotten/ this shift I wanted, and that it was in effect LAST WEEK. Thankfully my new sup saw that must have been an error and is going to fix it, and I got to go home early today as I wasn't even supposed to be there anyway.

So now I work Sunday through Thursday, 1:30 to 10:00 instead. Fun times.
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Some stuff.

So I've got various forms of good news and bad news.

Bad news: My sleep thing hasn't really improved, and I really am not fond of the CPAP machine, but I only had to pay about $60 just to own it, so who cares. It's there if I need it. Yay.

Worse news: At the end of October Semperian, my place of work, announced that our branch is closing. Everyone gets the can. They're offering nice severance packages and help getting back out in the job race, which is nice of them, but it still kind of sucks. My last day is March 31st.

Good news: I got a new job! Sadly by taking it I have to give up my severance package, but the upsides far outweigh the down sides. It's ten minutes from my apartment. They offer free bus passes due to parking kind of sucking over there. They operate from 6am to 11pm and I will most likely be put on the late shift, which is when I operate best. For whatever reason I sleep best from about 4am to noon, so this will be very nice. And it's a job! In Fort Collins and everything. The whole facility seems pretty awesome, and overall I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to start.

There's other good news, but it's mostly dorky good news, like I finally completed Assassin's Creed or that I manage to obtain all of the original .Hack games or that Maya and I now own all of the Kingdom Hearts games once again.
Oh. And Halo Reach looks awesome. Can't wait.
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The end of Yuki.

Friday night my computer decided that it no longer liked it's hard drive. It in fact hated it's hard drive so much that it refused to boot at all. I ended up putting the hard drive in a portable case and yanking all my stuff off and putting it temporarily onto Chichiri. (thank god I still have that old desk top) I proceeded to spend all Sunday trying to reformat the hard drive, only for it to decide it's life goal was really just to be a glorified paper weight.
Late sunday night as I was looking on New Egg Jon called me back to help and told me that if my hard drive was 2.5" any hard drive I bought would fit. So I bought a nice, shiny hard drive off new egg and anxiously awaited it's arrival.
It arrived late this afternoon and I immediately went to install it. Jon was wrong. My laptop took an IED 2.5" hard drive, and no one makes those anymore. So I had a hard drive that is not actually useful.
I looked around Best Buy for a bit, then decided I really just needed to answer my need for a new computer. Definitely not the wisest course of action, but I'm thrilled with the end result.

I'm currently typing on my new laptop which for the moment has been nick-named Monster for it's sheer size. It's 17.3", so big that Best Buy didn't actually sell a case big enough to hold it. I have to work on that part still. It is very shiny and has all kinds of usefulness that I love. Huge hard drive, tones of RAM, awesome video card, microphone and camera, and it's really just huge and I love it.
I laughed out loud when I opened it because it has a sub-woofer on the bottom.

Anyway, so now I have Yuki, my poor little laptop with no hard drive. It still works fine otherwise so I think I might try and sell it after I try and return the useless hard drive I have.

Anyway, I'm going to bed as I have work in the morning, and this computer is setting me back for a while. But I love it anyway.
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Totally awesome~!

I'm feeling a little better than yesterday, thank goodness.
For those that didn't hear, I've been taking Ambien to help me get to sleep at night, and I recently started using one of those little AM/PM pill cases so I remember to take all my different meds. Yesterday I accidentally took my PM meds at 8am when I got to work, which meant I took Ambien yesterday morning, as well as the night before. I felt pretty damn awful the whole day, and it just got worse as the day progressed.
Today I'm less nauseous and my headache is less intense, which is good.

Have I mentioned how awesome it is that I finally learned to swallow pills? I figured out how about two months ago, and my life is so much easier now.

Anyway, time for some homework.
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So I'm going to cut this for LJ for lots of personal stuff that people may not want to read.
This is more for me than anyone else anyway, as I just want a mental record of what I'm going through so that I have a reminder that this isn't necessarily me just being a lazy ass.

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So I had a strange moment today.

One of the girls at work's brother recently had a baby.
I heard more in detail today, such as his girlfriend/wife (I don't actually know) is named Sandra. And that they live in Longmont.
Hearing all of this made me think about the fact that two months ago I had met up with my old friend Sandra, who lives somewhere down there in one of those "L" cities, and so I turned to Erica and I asked her what her brother's name was.
We both had this moment where we were sure that maybe I knew her brother and his significant other, but alas, his name was Chris.

So it just makes me wonder now: How's the baby coming chica?

PS: I can't actually figure out how to write a note on Facebook, so I'm posting here since I know it'll cross post.

PPS: My body needs to stop telling me I want a baby. Because I really don't.

Actually, rather than end the post I'll actually talk a little bit about what's been going on with me.
I was trying to find a new job for a little while, but I've more or less decided I need to stick it out at my current job since they are pretty good to me and I need the insurance for a bit longer.
I've been off the depression meds for... a while... since sometime in May, can't remember when I stopped now. I've more or less decided that depression is not my problem, my problem is something about my sleeping pattern/ability.
I frequently wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes as often as 5 or six times. My doctor doesn't think it's sleep apnea but I'm supposed to have a sleep study done anyway to figure out what's wrong.
The problem is that I can't afford a sleep study, even with my insurance. I'm still trying to pay a dental bill from April that's almost $300, and my insurance says that the sleep study will cost me about $400 out of pocket up front.
So yeah... still trying to work that one out.

And otherwise... not much has changed. Yeah.
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So I started playing Persona 3: FES in Japanese today.

It is so very a completely different game from Persona 4. Which makes sense, I suppose. I just wasn't exactly prepared for how different it is. Especially the general feel of what's going on. It's a lot darker and less... happy? than P4.

And certain character drive me up a wall already. In fact, I really only like two of the characters so far, and one of those I can't stand to hear him speak because his voice actor is Toriumi Kousuke.
In all honesty I do like Junpei. I think he's entertaining, and dragging him all around town instead of going to see Akihiko was fun.
Speaking on Akihiko... gah!!!! I want to beat him upside the head with sticks!! He is way to eager about the whole damn situation!!!
Yukari I actually really like, I think she's cute and endearing. And I like that she and the main character have this whole... common ground thing going on.
Mitsuru... is not really my type of character. I think I miss Rise. Maybe even Teddie. At least they both have a sense of humor.
And the richijou? He's just kind of creepy. And so's the weird dead (I assume) kid that made me sign the contract.

So yeah. Off to an interesting start with the game, not really sure how I feel about it yet other than I find the concept to be rather interesting.
The more I play though the more I kind of want to play the English release because while I think I understand most of what's going on I think I'm missing some of the controls and such.
Are you even allowed to manually control your party like you are in P4?

Anyway... I think it's time to give my brain a rest.

On an unrelated note, it was a very emotional and crappy week and I'm sad my weekend is over.
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Sales Post

EDIT 09/10/11: So someone asked me about the photobook for Kenta in this post. You're privacy settings are set so that I can't reply to your question. Leave me a comment and I can sell you the photobook. I do still have it.

I'm trying to get rid of most of my Tenimyu related goods as I'm slowly paying less attention to the fandom and I feel my stuff deserves a better home.
I'm selling photosets, photobooks, Idol DVDs, and a magazine. The listed prices are just general prices, it's more important to me that I get rid of this stuff so it's not laying around anymore.

Photosets: Aoyagi Ruito, Kanesaki Kentarou, KENN, Katou Ryousuke, Wada Masato, TAKUYA, Kamakari Kenta, Shiozawa Hidemasa, Seto Kouji, Baba Tooru, Yagami Ren

Photobooks: Kamakari Kenta
Magazine: Arena 37 Special Vol. 38 #11 featuring the Pure Boys
DVDs: KENN, Kamakari Kenta

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