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The Ho Times

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4 December 1982
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By day I work financial accounts for GMAC and Nuvell. At the moment I process payments for Nuvell accounts.

By night I am a fangirl. I play video games all the time, mostly RPGs like Final Fantasy, but I'm also into the all the dating games that come out of Japan. I'll give anything a chance if it's free, and my obsessions get my money.

My current obsession in Persona 4.

I also enjoy anime, manga, and table top role playing from time to time. I enjoy BL probably more than I should, however I also hate fandom in general and try to stay far away from it when at all possible. Don't ask me about where I stand on slash, just assume I don't like it and ignore my Tenipuri weirdness.

My huge OMG SQUEALS favorite things are:
HaruToki 3
Final Fantasy 10
Princess Tutu
Fruits Basket
Queer as Folk
Gakuen Heaven
Fushigi Yuugi
Harry Potter
Persona 4
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